Guide to Building An Effective Incentive Program

Get our guide that will walk you through strategies and best practices for offering rewards and incentives to close gaps in care and encourage preventive action.  

Learn how leading health plans are using incentive programs

Discover best practices for successfully implementing incentives into your population health management program 

Understand regulatory compliance around offering members rewards and incentives

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Why Choose ConXus Rewards 


Customizable by Population


Personalized Incentives


Real-time Reporting

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Guide to Building an Effective Incentive Program
Guide to Building an Effective Incentive Program
Guide to Building an Effective Incentive Program

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Learn More About Building and Incentive Program with ConXus

This short video walks you through everything you need to know about building an effective incentive program.

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National Health Plan
2 Million Members
Director of Clinical Growth & Outcomes

 “The PDHI platform dashboard with its integrated health appraisal and incentive applications allows us the flexibility to design and efficiently deploy new programs to engage members and close gaps in care, for each of our lines of business.”

Michael Clayton
CEO & President

 “The benefits of partnering with PDHI for our clients are two-fold. Payers and their end-user companies can deepen engagement with their members while utilizing this new data to identify health risks and impact health outcomes.”

Jim Carlough

“For more than five years, HealthTrio has partnered with PDHI to provide comprehensive Health Risk Assessments (HRA) to our clients. Our decision to partner with PDHI was based on their advanced capabilities in the HRA marketplace and we have never looked back. From the early days of paper HRA’s to today’s electronic platform, PDHI continues to be the leader in the market. We are pleased with a partner that exceeds not only our expectations but that of our customers as well.”

Frequently Asked Questions


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