Essentials of a Wellness Platform

Download our comprehensive guide that will simplify identifying the key elements of an effective wellness platform. 

Selecting the right platform begins with matching capabilities to your business requirements and population needs.

Identifying key flexibility features will help you create a sustainable solution that will easily adapt as your business evolves over time.

Confirming the platform meets the latest industry best practices for security and privacy will keep you compliant and your data protected.

Ensuring your technology provider demonstrates exceptional client support is paramount to delivering a successful wellness program.

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Why Choose ConXus for Your Wellness Platform

PDHI White-labeled platform


PDHI Configurable platform


PDHI Secure platform


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PDHI_ Essentials of a Wellness Platform
PDHI_ Essentials of a Wellness Platform
PDHI_ Essentials of a Wellness Platform

One Platform, Many Solutions

PDHI Health Assessment

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PDHI ConXus Platform

ConXus Challenges
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Awards & Certifications

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Angela Nichols
Elevation Corporate Health
Senior VP of Business Innovation & Partner

“We’re confident that this new integration of PDHI’s platform with our services offers our clients a robust solution for their wellness programs."

Jim Carlough

“For more than five years, HealthTrio has partnered with PDHI to provide comprehensive Health Risk Assessments (HRA) to our clients. Our decision to partner with PDHI was based on their advanced capabilities in the HRA marketplace and we have never looked back. From the early days of paper HRA’s to today’s electronic platform, PDHI continues to be the leader in the market. We are pleased with a partner that exceeds not only our expectations but that of our customers as well.”

Michaela Robinson
Elevation Corporate Health
Senior Regional Director of Business Innovation

“We were impressed with PDHI’s wide range of applications and with the flexibility to tailor them to our clients’ needs. Content is kept fresh, and the portal has the modern style we were looking for.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Can clients brand and/or co-brand their wellness programs?


Can your platform be integrated with third-party solutions/platforms?


How to do you ensure data secure?


What level of support do you offer?